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lotta unfinished junk up in here

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keikju replied to your post: lynn has already become one of my favo…


Yea!! she came out near the end of june! theyre having all kindsa events for her release right now too :0


lynn has already become one of my favorite classes to play, even tho i kinda suck n-n;;

some incredibly cute girls i drew! second one is a miltank gijinka

still making good on trying to draw my OCs at LEAST as much as fanart

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hello all im back after months of hiatus!! ive mostly been addicted to playing vindictus rather than drawing, this is the fiona that i main n_n;;

trying to make an effort to draw my OCs more often nn;;;

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juuussstt messin around

some spindas i drew in december & one time i attempted to imagine what crys would look like in mato’s style

goin thru some old scans n im not sure why i never posted this before

hmmmmmmmmmhmmhm bye now

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