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trying to make an effort to draw my OCs more often nn;;;

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juuussstt messin around

some spindas i drew in december & one time i attempted to imagine what crys would look like in mato’s style

goin thru some old scans n im not sure why i never posted this before

hmmmmmmmmmhmmhm bye now

i would like 2 dedicate this to system envos and yoshi happy vday yall

rises from the dead to say hey guess what i started watching

Anonymous asked: do you take commissions? *_*

ahh not currently at the moment. ive never taken any kind of commissions online before but ive been meaning to start doing that for a while now so probably sometime in the near future look out for that

jokuun replied to your post: had a very productive afternoon drawin…

i lov all your pencil scribbles for ever

pencil is truly the only thing that satisfies me

had a very productive afternoon drawing catboys (and girl)

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